Oklahoma City Bankruptcy Lawyer

"Bankruptcy" has been a frightening word for a long time, but its association with embarrassment and irreversible loss is largely unjustified.

When you are struggling with overwhelming debt, bankruptcy is more of a saving grace than a burden. You simply need to work with an experienced lawyer who can protect your valued assets while providing a way to start over financially. That is what I offer my clients every day at Kenneth L. Peacher, II Attorney At Law.

Simple, Quick Debt Relief Options Are Possible

Individuals who struggle with medical debts, credit card debt, divorce-related debts and many other unexpected financial hardships can find a solution — and a relatively painless one — through bankruptcy. The moment you retain my services as your bankruptcy lawyer, I take over all correspondence from creditors. Wage garnishments or bank garnishments and even foreclosure actions are halted immediately through bankruptcy's "automatic stay."