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Negotiate to settle a dispute with help from my civil litigation attorneys. At Kenneth L. Peacher, Attorney at Law in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, I specialize in family law as well as general litigation. My law firm provides legal services in various areas of general law, including:

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Oklahoma City Construction Negligence Lawyer

Help When Your Investment Has Hit A Road Block

You have made a large investment in building a new structure or buying an existing piece of residential or commercial real estate. The transaction itself went well, with paperwork properly signed and contracts thoroughly drafted, but what happens when one party fails to deliver on the terms of those agreements?

Construction defects or structural defects in an investment property may require litigation. Rarely does an at-fault contractor or subcontractor take steps to remedy the situation without being forced to do so. They know that fixing what went wrong will be a costly endeavor, but it should not be a cost that falls on your shoulders.

A Team Of Experts To Give You The Aggressive Representation You Need

I aggressively pursue compensation for the damages that my clients have suffered in Oklahoma City construction negligence cases and those in surrounding areas of the state.

The success I have achieved in this area is built on my more than 35 years of experience as a litigation and trial lawyer, as well as the network of valuable experts I draw on when my clients need to know the full extent of property damage they have experienced.

Engineers, landscapers, accountants, mortgage brokers and building inspectors become a crucial part of arguing these cases. Make sure you work with an attorney who can give you that level of detailed and persuasive representation.

Contact my office to discuss your case during a free initial consultation. I will personally be available to answer your questions and make sure your voice is heard when you are struggling to get the results you should've gotten the first time around.

Construction Law Experts

At Kenneth L. Peacher, Attorney at Law, I am also knowledgeable when it comes to construction law. I can represent you in all kinds of construction disputes as well as negligence disputes. My clients include homeowners as well as home builders in Oklahoma.

Why Choose Us?

For approximately 35 years, I was a partner in civil litigation firm. I am well-versed in this area of law, because I have prosecuted many product liability cases as well as personal injury cases in front of a jury. Here at my firm, you can trust me to guide you throughout the entire legal process – from preparing you for depositions to representing you during preliminary motion hearings. If you want to hire a highly experienced litigation attorney, get in touch with me today.